DID YOU KNOW???   In 2008, the average American ate 17.6 pounds of turkey. Most of this, of course is consumed between the months of November and January.  Turkey is a staple on most Thanksgiving dinner menus and has been known to appear on the dinner table for other wintertime holiday meals as well.

Baking a turkey can be hard work though, and because everyone looks forward to a  tender, juicy, succulent bird to feast on, the pressure is high to produce the perfectly cooked turkey.  WELL, that is where Jazz City BBQ comes in!  We are specialists in smoking meats to perfection each and every time.  Take the work out of your holiday meal by letting us provide a beautifully smoked turkey to go along with your fixins for Thanksgiving.  

If you still want to tackle fixing your own bird, checkout our blog posts over the next few weeks for tips on a disaster-proof turkey preparing experience.  From the proper thawing to the carving of the meat, we will try to help you help your family have the best Thanksgiving turkey possible.  There will be 675 million pounds of turkey eaten this Thanksgiving alone- Ensure that the turkey your family eats this holiday season is the very best!  

Till later,

Keep it jazzy-keep it JAZZ CITY!